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Saturday, 3 May 2008

Review - Pierre Victoire Oxford 2 May 2008

Gerry and I popped in here for the first time this evening (we didn’t want to queue for Edamame) and we were very impressed, especially as this is part of a chain!

I think we got lucky getting in without a reservation - we saw the somewhat fearsome maitre d’ turn down several less fortunate couples.

As for the food, Gerry and I were both pretty impressed. Gerry started with the Asparagus, topped with parmesan, poached egg and hollandaise, and it was a really lovely dish (though I would have preferred it without the parmesan. While it really worked well flavour-wise, the parmesan shavings were quite large and thick and while the asparagus, poached egg and Hollandaise just melted away quickly, I was left with a large piece of parmesan in my mouth, which made it the dominant flavour and texture. I went for Moules Marinieres which was excellent, and the first time I’ve ever had fennel in a Mariniere, but it worked well.

Mains-wise, G went traditional with the Duck a l’orange (excellent and the duck nice and pink) and I tried the Pork in Mustard which was equally good, sitting atop red cabbage and bacon.

A bowl of frites went down well with both dishes!

I think the only negatives for me were the slightly slow service (not in terms of the food, but in getting extra drinks and paying the bill etc), and as already mentioned the Maitre d’, who is pretty fearsome and seemed quite abrupt, though not rude.

Overall though, at £55 including drinks, coffee and service, this is a pretty good value place and certainly one we’d go to again - though perhaps we’ll book next time!

Pierre Victoire
9 Little Clarendon Street
Tel: 01865 316616

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